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Chairman's Desk

Welcome to Ratnakala, a leading manufacturer, importer and exporter of high-quality diamonds. For over decades, we have maintained high quality of our polished diamond and customer services.

Mr. Ranchhodbhai Detroja

The success story of Ratnakala relies on philosophy of team work, commitment and collective skills.

Our Employees are dedicated to get finer results. We strive to maintain the highest standards in every step of the diamond polishing process. Diamond polishing is not only a business but our passion!

We believe in nurturing human capital, so we regularly interact with artisans to provide motivation and encouraging environment to get the best results.

I would thank all my colleagues and employees for their contribution and dedication. I thank customers for their trust. I thank the bankers for their support and cooperation.

We are committed to add value by innovation, skill development and adopting new technology.

A key focus of the Ratnakala mission is to maintain compitatitive edge in Industry and sustain the growth in alignment with market dynamics.